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Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Dance!

Maddie had a great night after getting dressed up after school just to go see Cooper. She has grown so much… take a look at the picture from last Easter of Maddie in the same dress!

And just when you think there is nothing to do… you might as well dance. Maddie… I hope you dance forever! :)

By the way… this is our life and yes, we love it!

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Ballerina Girl

cimg8373.JPGBack when it was cold and dark in January, we signed Maddie up for ballet classes down in Jinqiao. This was the perfect thing to do on a Sunday afternoon because she desperately needed activity instead of just sitting around the house. We’ve been trying to decide whether or not we were going to sign her up for another session. The weather is getting warmer and we were thinking she would have been just as happy to play outside on the swings. We made our decision now…. she’s definitely signing up for another session of ballet! Quite simply, she really enjoys it.

We really had no idea what was happening in the class. They have this policy that asks parents not to view classes until the last class at the end of a 10 week session...

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