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Hong Kong Disneyland

Maddie and  Amelia have to be two of the luckiest kids on earth!  Over the long weekend, we decided to head on out to Hong Kong for a second visit to Disneyland!  As Andy said, his first visit to Disney was at age 12-ish and his second visit was with the girls a few years ago!  Of course, there were tons of pictures and tons of videos from the trip so we decided to put it into a short movie below.

The Easter Bunny even managed to show up!



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Hong Kong Disneyland Called

cimg9637.JPGAnd said that Maddie was required to attend during her May Holiday break socimg9710.JPG we bought a couple of tickets and headed down to Hong Kong for two full days. When we said we were going to Hong Kong Disneyland, I don’t think she truly grasped what that meant. The magic in her eyes the entire day was priceless. At one point, we were watching the Golden Mickey’s and both Andy and I had tears in our eyes for a brief moment simply because Maddie was being so four. She was in awe and had such a sense of wonder in her eyes. I swear if she had been wearing sparkly, red shoes and clicked her heals then something would have happened!!

We took the subway to Sunny Bay station and transferred to the Micky Line…seriously, the windows were shapped like Mickey on the train and the moment the doors opened...

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