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Amelia Eats… Real Food!

cimg7966.JPGWhat a great day this was… it will go down in history!

Maddie was a full six months before starting to eat real people food, but Miss Amelia…. she just can’t wait. I honestly believe that one of the reasons she is ready is because of her interest level. Amelia has been watching Maddie at the dinner table for weeks and I think she has actually learned something by doing so.

So we broke out the Earth’s Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal (like the plug?) and she about more than I thought she would! It kind of reminds me of a young baby bird chirping away with an open mouth, wanting more food. She loved it! :)

Maddie was actually the first one to give Amelia the food and then she and dad took turns and fought over who was next...

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