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A Great Day For Golf!

Amelia has other plans for Maddie's kite....

Amelia has other plans for Maddie

The annual SAS Golf Classic was today so the girls and I hung out in the backyard waiting for Andy’s group to come by the backyard.  Sure enough, we looked across the lake to Hole 13 and we saw daddy!  Knowing that it would take about 25 minutes for him to get to us at Hole 15 we decided to fly a kite to pass the time.  While Maddie was

Liftoff - in spite of Meelie!

Liftoff - in spite of Meelie!

keen to fly the kite, Meelie was keen to sit on the kite.  Maddie was not happy with her sister!  Even when Maddie started to run to fly the kite, Amelia chased after her!

I just love days like this… warm, happy, warm, happy…. ah……

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Some Friends Are Forever…

Jeff and Daneah's Classic Picture with Maddie

Jeff and Daneah

So here’s the deal:

People come in and out of your life and those people always serve a purpose for that particular moment in your life.  However, some people come into your life and are just always…. there.  Even if you don’t physically see each other for awhile and even if you live far apart, you always crave that friendship and KNOW that your friends will be there for you no matter what.  Those types of friendships are rare but they are strong and will endure…

Daneah Pretends to Love Amelia's Nori Snack!

Daneah Pretends to Love Amelia

Jeff and Daneah came to Shanghai this weekend for a brief visit and we were able to connect a few times.  Maddie is turning six and was trying desperately to be non-challant about the visit.  In the end, she just couldn’t help herself...

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