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Great American Tour – Tucson Stop

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been in Tucson for five full days.  What can you accomplish in five days when you are still jetlagging a bit and it’s hotter than blue blazes outside?  Well….  one can accomplish a lot – especially if your name is Madeline Anna DeCardy-Torris.

Tonight was our last night so we decided to take Maddie out for a steak dinner and there just happen to be a balloon man at the restaurant.  Now, you must know how shy Maddie has been most of her short little life.  Tonight was just another example of how she has grown so much this year.  She looked “Ballon Man” square in the eyes and answered his quesitons about color choice freely...

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Grandma Heads to Dong Tai Lu!

cimg8299.JPGMy mom has been admiring our Chinese Erhu instrument for some time so it only seemed fitting to head down to Dong Tai Lu before she returned to America so that she could get her hands on one.  The prices have gone up on the famous antique shopping street, but I know and remember my numbers so it’s just plain fun to bargain.  I do respect that the people down there have to make a living and I do recognized that there is severe inflation in China, but I will only pay what I think is reasonable.

Maddie simply laughed the entire time because I was set on a certain price.  Mom really wanted one though and she is not so great at acting non-chalant.  They said a price, she said okay…. but I was the one holding onto the money! :)  So Maddie would run back and forth between my mom and I, saying m...

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