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Maddie’s Spelling Words

I still can’t believe that Maddie has homework.  We do between 20 and 40 minutes of homework every night.  I don’t remember having homework so young but I guess that it’s just a sign of the times!

Maddie is studying the short vowel sounds right now and this week many of her spelling words had a short o sound.  She has to do a weekly project around her spelling words and this week we decided to shake things up a bit.  We found pictures on the internet and then pasted them into a Pages document.  Then we opened up Garageband and  :)Maddie recorded herself spelling each word. I made a quick movie of the Pages document in case you don’t all have a Mac!

Way to go Maddie Anna! :)

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Making Homework Fun!

blog1Okay, Maddie thinks all homework is fun…as long as she does it early in the evening when she hasn’t lost her steam.  But when she has lost her steam for the day and needs a little incentive, we shake things up a bit by putting brainy glasses on. Just like that, Maddie “felt” like she could get through her math and spelling words.  Of course, it helped that I promised her that she could help with banana bread if she finished quickly!!! :)

So what started out as a clean evening of baking, quickly turned into an “oh my gosh – what happened to this kitchen?” evening with floor from head to toe and smiles galore!

At least it made the homework fun….


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