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Weddings are Wonderful…

Travis and Julie’s wedding was beautiful.  The birds were singing, the wind lightly rustled the leaves of the surrounding woods… it truly was wonderful.  Attached are a few of the photos…  you did a great job Maddie!!

Maddie, Harley, Hunter, Travis and the GroomsmenMaddie, Harley, Travis and the Groomsmen

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Maddie Takes on the Cornfields!

Our short little visit to Illinois was packed full of fun for everybody. The first place we pulled up to was Sissy’s house and Maddie immediately remembered the house from last year. In her words, “Mommy, I was here last year when I was a little girl!” Ha! Just another example of how Maddie believes she knows all there is to know in the world! :)

We stayed out in the “country” with my dad where Maddie could pass the corn fields and bean fields as we raced to and from town. She was so impressed that the corn was taller than she was at the ripe age of four. On the second night in town we had dinner out at my dad’s house where Maddie investigated every nook and cranny of his yard...

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