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Entertainment on a rainy day…

I came home from school today to hear quite the ruckus coming out of our garage.  Callie was barking loudly and it sounded like Amelia was squeeling at the top of her lungs.  I couldn’t tell if it was crying or laughing…

This is what I saw:

Maddie had put Lester the cat in the kennel on the right and then moved the kennel right next to Callie’s cage.  You see, Lester intimidates Callie.  I mean, REALLY scares Callie.  Callie barks and tries to run away while Lester chases her and jumps on her back.  This little scenario was sending Callie over the edge much to Maddie and Amelia’s joy!!  Maddie sat there with a delightful smirk on her face and Amelia squeeled!

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Gingerbread Houses and more

Maddie’s ornamentThe last full day of school meant that all of the holiday makings were sent home! Maddie made a gingerbread house this week AND gingerbread cookies at school. She was so proud to bring them home and show me, but she couldn’t hold off long enough

Maddie and Ms. Zhou

to show dad because she had to eat it. The marshmallow tower was just too tempting! We got our first school ornament this year with Maddie’s picture in it surrounded by colored pasta. These are priceless as they are always fun to get out when the kids are 18 and beyond! I think we’ll take this one home in a few days to put on our “America tree” as Maddie says! Two more sleeps Maddie Anna!!!

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