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Family Literacy Night

familyDid you know that Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is 40 years old?  To help celebrate, Maddie’s school held a Family Literacy event.  It started early in the afternoon for parents while the kids were still in school.  Parents gathered and learned about Digital Literacy, learned about reading to their children… it was good.

family1The best part was when the kids joined us in the library.  All of the parents and kids sat around in deep bean bags reading books.  They had guest readers for break out groups… it was really fun! Maddie glowed when her dad was the guest reader and Amelia actually stood still while he read! :)


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Maddie’s Reading Buddy

I love stumbling up things like this at school!  I was working on a 5th/6th grade transition wiki at school today and when I walked into a 5th grade classroom, one of the girls turned to me and said, “are you Maddie’s mom?”  She then went on to explain that she was Maddie’s reading buddy!  It’s funny because this school is starting to feel suspiciously like Cheers; cue: Cheer’s Theme Song now.

They had Reading Buddies scheduled right after my interaction with the 5th grade class so I snapped this pic as they got started! :) 

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Maddie’s Reading Group….

The girl has come a long way and she’s growing up fast… one minute she is 3 months old and the next minute she’s in Kindergarten learning her letters, numbers, words… reading!  These are the first steps of something wonderful and we’re sooooo proud of her!  Enjoy the video and a HUGE thank you to her amazingly, fabulous, wonderful teacher Mrs. Howitt.

PS: One of my favorite parts is at the end… she is a kid afterall! :)

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