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Watching without words…

I don’t know why this makes me laugh so hard. Maddie and Ri-Ri are really good friends and as they both get older, they both get more opinionated! Just watch the body language here… it’s priceless! Thank goodness the days for finally staying lighter and getting warmer! By the way, your computer is working and the connections is fine… the movie IS in black and white AND has no sound. That’s why I like it! I invited you to paint the picture and write the transcript… it’s amusing!

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Ri-Ri turns…. one!?

cimg8251.JPGWe celebrated Ri-Ri’s birthday a year ago but he is a true leap year baby. Today was his first birthday!! In actuality he is four, but it’s much for fun for him to say one. The kids met at the playhouse after school and had a great time because the weather is finally starting to turn warm. There was a huge line for face painting so I went ahead an took a stab at it… take a look and leave a comment as to what animal you think Maddie looks like in the picture!!!

I sent my props to Preei who made another pinata for the kids. Maddie got in there much better this time. Yes, there were a lot of kids going for the candy but she put her elbows out and went for it. Her compassion surfaced though as she started giving away her candy to the younger ones at the party...

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