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Maddie’s Holiday Concert

You know that when we start the holiday concerts at school that it means we are getting on an airplane soon!!  Maddie’s class practiced months for this show as every child had their own unique part.  Now I have to mention here that I actually forgot that it was concert day.  I was so proud of the fact that I remembered it was a PE day, had Maddie in tennis shoes and a school shirt.  Boy were we surprised when we walked in the school door and saw everybody in their finest!  Thankfully we managed to run home and put on our Xmas clothes for the concert! :)

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Conflict Resolution Man

blog1Are all elementary schools this much fun?  I don’t know… I haven’t spent that much time in them but the bar has been set high for every elementary school we’ll encounter in our future!!!  Today Maddie attended this year’s second Conflict Resolution Assembly.  Sounds kind of boring, right?  Not a chance!!blog2

Maddie’s art teacher starred as Mr. Conflict Resolution man himself complete with the wig afro, pink sparkly cape and hot pink pants.  The 4th grade class, principals and several teachers performed on stage and sand their Conflict Resolution Man song for all.  And then the role-playing began…  Maddie’s PE teacher dressed the part of Dr. Disco who appeared on the right side of the blog3stage and appeared to be talking with Conflict Resolution man.  It was brilliant!  Dr...

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The Fall BBQ

blog1Our school seems to one up itself every year when it comes to the fall bbq.  This year it was about having even MORE bouncing slides and castles.  Thankfully, the girls could go as many time as they wanted to go!  I was impressed with how Amelia had no fear.  All of the older kids were trying to fly over her as they climbed up the ladder but she held her ground and made it to the top.  Now the first time she made it up to the top she wasn’t too sure about actually going down the slide.  Thankfully (?) she had her big sister to push her down the slide without giving Amelia that much time to think about it!!! Oh if you could have seen the look in Amelia’s eyes!!!!

We missed the county fair back home over the summer so this was a good compromise!  They both left smiling and exhausted -=...

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Celebration of Learning 2009

Every year Maddie has done a Celebration of Learning presentation at the end of the school year to show off her stuff.  When she was three years old, I was simply bamboozled that the word “chrysalis”  came out of her mouth! When she was four, I was ecstatic that she loved learning more than anything.  This year was no different and it was a very special event indeed.  I cannot believe how much she has grown and what she has accomplished this school year.  She’s just happy all of the time.  I always thought kids would wake up with belly aches sometimes and need days home from school to just chill.  Maddie is not one of those kids though. Everyday, no matter what, she wants to go to school!

sany0016The celebration of learning event was a bit different though than the other ones… this time...

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I love this… it’s a perfect reflection.  This is so developmental and it’s a perfect reflection.  As the end of the year comes to a close, all of the cool stuff starts to come home.  This is exactly how Maddie saw her name on that day – in that moment.  It made sense to her brain.  I love it!!!  Just think, it took me hours in Driver’s Education class my sophomore year of high school to teach myself how to write backwards for no reason whatsoever and now my daughter can do it without thinking twice!!!

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Gingerbread Houses and more

Maddie’s ornamentThe last full day of school meant that all of the holiday makings were sent home! Maddie made a gingerbread house this week AND gingerbread cookies at school. She was so proud to bring them home and show me, but she couldn’t hold off long enough

Maddie and Ms. Zhou

to show dad because she had to eat it. The marshmallow tower was just too tempting! We got our first school ornament this year with Maddie’s picture in it surrounded by colored pasta. These are priceless as they are always fun to get out when the kids are 18 and beyond! I think we’ll take this one home in a few days to put on our “America tree” as Maddie says! Two more sleeps Maddie Anna!!!

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