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Dino Beach Water Park

SANY0330I’ve been meaning to get this posted for some time now.  Right after school started, we joined our fellow teachers and headed to Shanghai’s water park called Dino Beach.  We had no idea what to expect, but had an idea that it would be over the top.  Afterall, Shanghai does do things over the top….. indoor Ski Hill, indoor Fishing Pond.

SANY0331Getting into the park was a bit insane as the concept of a line is foreign to many, but we did manage to get in, get our things into lockers, rent an inner tube and have a great time.  We floated down the lazy river a couple of times and Amelia LOVED this part because she kept throwing herself off of the inner tube into the water… she had floaties on so she just floated down the lazy river on her own...

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Back in Shanghai

What a full week it has been!  We got back to Shanghai late Thursday night and here it is Thursday night again so we’ve been back a week.  Maddie spent a fair amount of time in the pool which meant we had a lot of time for some interesting conversations.  Maddie has been on so many planes this summer that she has decided that she wants to be an airplane girl.  Later, when I asked her where she wanted to go she said that she wouldn’t ever get off the plane.  She would just stay on the plane forever to help people!  Okay, so maybe the 11 take-off and landings this summer had an impact on her mental health! :)

Like any good mom, I took Maddie to the doctor on her birthday because she needed a check-up in order to go to school this year...

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