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Sunny Shanghai Days

When the sky is blue in Shanghai, you just have to go outside and be outside.  So I lather both girls up with sunblock and let the giggles begin.  Maddie played hopscotch and Amelia rolled around on the bear blanket just laughing at Maddie jump on one foot from number to number.  I guess from Amelia’s point of view, it would be a rather strange sight! 

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cimg8178.JPGAmelia is interacting with us more and more each day. I keep saying how “durable” she is because Maddie is literally in her face a lot of the time. Maddie loves her sister and she desperately wants her to react to her. She wants Amelia to laugh at her silly faces and wants her to squeal with delight when Maddie walks in the door. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time trying to “protect” Amelia but I’ve found that I really don’t need to intervene all that much. The bottom line is that Amelia thinks Miss Maddie is pretty darn funny. At night when they are both fresh out of the bath, they lay on the bed gigglingcimg8203.JPG with each other. In the mornings before Maddie goes to school, Amelia is the only one to get Maddie out of her morning funk (which she inherited from her dad)...

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