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Maddie’s Tech…

I knew that I was in trouble tonight when Maddie asked to create another Voki instead of reading a book before going to bed.  Oh dear… what have I created?  If you haven’t seen Maddie’s Voki then please make sure and log into her blog and take a look at the newest and greatest widget!

She also decided to make a Geo Greeting to go along with her latest and greatest Voki message.  Words she knew how to spell:  Hi.  Maddie.  Blog.  What more is there to say?!!!

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Grandma’s Record Player

While we were in Tucson, Maddie learned all about the record player.  My mom has kept most of my records for me so we had a bit of fun going through my favorites and singing along with the LPs.  Teaching Maddie about the needle on the record player was the most interesting.  She wanted to keep placing the needle on the records and taking the needle off so she could do it again.  Can you hear it?  You know… that sound of the needle running across the record???  :)

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