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The Tooth is NOT in the Tummy!!

Maddie woke me up this morning by a take-off jump. This is where she gets a huge running start from her room to ours and then throws her body onto our bed as fast as she possibly can… try to picture lets and arms going everywhere. This morning she was super excited because her second tooth was finally loose. Now, yesterday she had a really bad fall at school and fell on her chin so that may have loosened it, but it was technically the next tooth to go so I wasn’t worried… okay, okay, I was a bit worried about a recurrence of the first tooth’s destiny.

By breakfast, the tooth was out and she was giddy with excitement. We decided that it would be a really good idea to make a tooth fairy pillow so that the tooth wouldn’t get lost underneath Maddie’s big pillow...

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The Tooth is in the Tummy!

cimg8620.JPGI can see the future…

Actually, I can make predictions about the future and try to prepare for a whole bunch of different scenarios.  So, when Maddie’s tooth first went wiggly, I talked about the time I had “lost” a tooth. It truly fell out of my mouth and it was lost forever.  So my mom and I found a small white rock and put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  That’s what is nice about the tooth fairy – she rewards best intent!

This morning as Maddie was brushing her teeth, her tooth came out.  It was at the very end when she was drinking water… the tooth went down with the water.  Because I had told her of the possibility, she wasn’t as traumatized as I was – though I think I hid it well.  She simply giggled and started to say her “s” sounds over and over again...

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