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Dear Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bubba…November 14, 2003

WOW!!!!  I wish I was blogging back then! Thank you to Gregory Todd for saving this email and forwarding it to me… it means so much!

A letter from Maddie on November 14, 2003: if she could write, I’m pretty sure this is what she would have said…


Dear Aunt Sissy,

Thank you for writing a letter to me.  I’m putting it in the baby book you got for me when I was born!  You made mom cry, but that’s okay – I forgive you.

I’m doing very well.  I was very excited yesterday because mom finally had a day off of work and we were able to play together all day long.  I played with rattles and things but most of all I just wanted to be near mom.  She makes me giggle when she puts foot rattle socks on me.  Those black and white lines on them sure do move a lot!

Mom and I take a ...

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Life lines from home…

It has happened. Everything was confirmed when I hopped on Twitter the other day and looked at my history from the night before. My husband put it down in black and white. We are all homesick right now… Maddie included. She’s been waking up saying things like, “mommy? I have an idea! ” (She always has an idea.) “Um, um, um, um, um… tee, hee, hee… um, um, um, um… tee, hee, hee… um.” (Apparently it’s now cool to say um a lot) “Um, we could bring my bunk beds to Shanghai from America! Is that a good idea?!”

We are all craving a home that offers peace and offers us an intimacy with the environment that is just…. easier...

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