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Salt, Chalk, Paint…and Garageband!

What do they all have in common? Over Spring Break Maddie spelled out her sticky snap words in all of them!  What I love about Maddie is that she knows what techie words to use and she’s only six!

“Mom?  Can I drop my voice on this picture in Pages please?”  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t speak like that when I was six years old!

She did drop her voice on the Pages document but if you don’t have Pages on your computer, you won’t be able to hear it so as Maddie says, “we took a screenshot!”

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Publishing Party – Last of 2008!

We are so proud of this child of ours!  I can’t believe what my baby girl can do…. she’s happy, she’s confident, she’s proud… WOW!  I mean, the girl just turned five.  This week Maddie had her final publishing party of 2008.  She authored a three page story.  The first page had her riding a horse.  The second page had the horse jumping up.  The third page had her giving that horse to a farmer…. how’s that for a beginning, middle and an end.

Please, please leave comments for Maddie on her blog.  She is very aware of the whole comment thing and would love to hear from you about her story.


PS: To see what Amelia is up to… click here! :)

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Maddie’s Publishing Party

We had Maddie’s Open House for Kindergarten on Thursday and then the very next day we were invited into school for Maddie’s first Publishing party.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen such boundless energy from her!  We walked in the door and you she practically jumped out of her skin in excitement!  Take a look at her eyes in this picture…. can she be any more excited????

Her story and picture were priceless.  Maddie wrote her first sentence and she was so very proud.  She drew a picture of her bed and of the stuffed animals in her room.  In her sentence she talked about how I was there with her stars on her bed.  She was just so excited!

I loved seeing her confident and learning and confident and happy and confident…. life is the best! :)

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